Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"--- Nietzsche
Very very true...

Ke$ha Barbie is trying to kill me...but she is making me a stronger mother.

Dimples tries to kill me during my workouts...and he has made me stronger.

Dealing with divorce is killing me because I want it over...but I am learning to be an adult through it and getting stronger.

A bad marriage almost killed me...literally and figuratively...but it has made me a stronger and better woman for the next man that I will love.

Losing weight did not kill saved my life...but sometimes looking at the scale kills me...but that just gives me a stronger resolve to work harder.

So yeah...I agree with Nietzsche

So the easy one body strength...

Dimples dishes out strength workouts to me like a crack dealer.

He makes me work hard and the results are showing. In the last 3 months I have seen more definition to my body thanks to some weight coming off and more fat loss and building of muscle tissue.

And I religiously do "Body Pump".

So now, Mama has guns...and some pretty good shoulders to boot.

Good thing since next weekend I have to wear a halter necked gown to a Mardi Gras ball.

I can't do anything about the "bat wings" under the arms but at least the tops of my arms look good and somewhat "cut". Oprah was obsessed with her batwings...I am too...we have that in common...she should call me so we can discuss it.

This summer a male friend of mine commented that my arms were looking good. I told him "yeah, but I hate the flappy bat wings when I do this" (I was holding up my arms like goal posts).

He says: "why would you stand like that? It's not don't stand like that so guess what? I don't see the batwings!"

He had a point.

He is such a MAN...with a good point.

So I don't stand around with my arms like goal posts.

And I remember that comment all the time so it keeps my arms down where they belong and my shoulders look good.

It also keeps me doing all the pushups and pull-ups I do.

Once upon a time in my life the only "pull up" I knew was made by Huggies...

Now I hear the word, stick my tongue out at Dimples...and complain all the way to the pull-up machine and then I go to town on them...

I like being stronger. I can lift as much as Je t'aime Jamie and the men in Body fact, Je t'aime Jamie and I often lift MORE than the men in Body Pump. Just sayin'...

Hey, as long as Hot Guy at Gym (HGAG) keeps telling me I am looking good, I will put those damn weights in my hands and lift.

Ok..on to the next thing that makes me stronger...the weight loss and my battle with the scale.

So up and down the scale day I am one weight...the next another. I am trying not to let it affect or ruin my day. But I will say that it does often motivate me to push a little harder when I work out when I see that the scale is reflecting my recent obsession with chips...and dip...

but I am proud to say that I have 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting untouched on my counter...

And every time I walk by them and don't touch them I DO feel stronger...and lighter...

Today I substituted the chips for carrots...but I was really only using them as a vehicle for the dip I wanted.

Small steps...small steps...

Let's move on to Ke$ha Barbie...ok, I think I covered that in my last blog.

She will not kill me...she will make me stronger.

Thank goodness The Cutest Boy in the World is soooooo good....

As for the bad marriage and divorce...well, I really spill my guts here but some things I should keep private for the sake of my children and my ex.

But I have learned a lot through my soon-to-be final divorce and former marriage. And I have learned what I do and do not want in a partner. And I will be a stronger and better partner/lover/girlfriend/wife because of it...

I have some friends that are going through a lot of stuff right now...some of it good and positive, some of it very very tough.

One friend of mine had a gut-punch yesterday. She found out the man she broke up with in November got married last month.

yeah, do the math...that is 2 months...

um, yeah...not fun...hurt her a lot...FOR A DAY...that is all she was going to "give" him to feel bad about it. She is stronger for it...and keeps getting stronger every day....and today she let it make her stronger.

Mind you, she was over him...and held no illusions that they would ever get back together. But you really don't want to hear that the man who told you he would never marry again just got married to someone 2 months after meeting her.

What didn't kill her is making her stronger...and she is my hero for handling it so well.

So whether it is lifting weights to make our bodies stronger or lifting our spirits to handle a crisis, we all get stronger when we don't let something stop us or slow us down.

I want a strong body...and a strong mind...and a strong spirit...

I almost let my mother's death turn me into a truly miserable soul. I almost let a bad marriage turn me into a FAT miserable soul. And the combination of the two ALMOST killed me because I got so fat and miserable...

But no longer...

What HAS NOT killed me has made me stronger...

So Dimples...BRING IT!

Inspiration Song: "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly latest "power" song...gets me going on the spin bike...

some lyrics:
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
stand a little taller
doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
footsteps a little lighter
doesn't mean I'm over because you're gone

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stronger
Just me, myself, and I
What doesn't kill you makes you sronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone

Bye Darlings...what does not kill you will make you get strong...don't let teenagers or trainers kill you...

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