Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These Boots are Made For Walking

Have I mentioned that I love love love shoes?

yeah, maybe, oh, I don't know...1000 times?

Shoes are right up there on my "things that make me happy" list...

Along with:
My wonderful children (who will always top the list)
Red Wine
Stoli Vodka (especially in a dirty martini)
Men Who Drive Big Ass Trucks
Angel Perfume
D-Nice, AngelAmy, Trainer Girl, Twirler Girl and all my besties and friends...
George's Pastaria
Spin Class when taught by JayVee and Je t'aime Jamie
Lululemon tops
Lacrosse (cause it means that wrestling season is over)
Glee, Modern Family, and True Blood
children singing
Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens

OK, so that list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!!

The kids will always top the list...

And men who drive big ass trucks can hold my hand and tell me I am pretty...red wine and lilies cannot...and Angel perfume tends to be the way I get the attention of men who drive big ass trucks...and thanks to Dimples and my spin girls I have a body that lets me be worth looking at after they smell the Angel...

So they all go hand in hand....

Along with the SHOES!

I once wore some shoes that ended up being the subject of not one but 2 lunch tables at school one day when I subbed...I also hear they were the subject of conversation in the teacher's lounge.

And I am pretty sure Oprah admired them even though her Christian Louboutin's far surpassed my shoes for pure awesomeness (there FlowerVine I used it again...it is my goal to try and use that word every time...).

These are the shoes...the are "girl shoes"...men don't "get" them because they wrap around the ankle and tie up in a cute bow. But when I wear them I get stopped. Just like the girl in the DSW commercial...cause these are the shoes in the commercial...I have them in pink too...

Today I bought some shoes with the help of my fashionista friend AthenaGal...she never steers me wrong and her taste is impeccable and if I could have 1/10 of her style I would be a very stylish gal indeed.

I needed shoes for my navy gown for the Mardi Gras ball I am attending with GOTTESS and GOTT.

So I went shopping and texted photos to AthenaGal...it is a very good way to shop with a friend when your friend can't be with you!

Now being the stylista she is, she suggested I look for a pair of hot pink shoes...

Now why didn't I think about that...probably cause I am not as fashion forward and smart as she is...but what a great idea...a lovely pop of color under the dark swath of "hug the body" fabric.

So I found these...mind you I am totally removing the obnoxious bow:

Oh, and they were less than $17 on sale at DSW...

But then I found THESE little scary little heels:

So we are going to look at both of them with the gown and choose...

And then I found these hot fantastic heels to go with a really fantastic little red dress I have that I am saving to wear when some man in a big ass truck takes me out somewhere special...of course he is going to have to help me into the truck if I am wearing these cause they are kind of dangerous:

AthenaGal approved because she said they are totally 'va va voom" and that is what the dress calls for...

Ke$ha Barbie thinks they are horrible. She told me that I have yet to find a way to wear cheetah print and not look stupid or like a "Real Housewife of....".

I'm listening to AthenaGal...she has made the "Best Dressed" list...Ke$ha Barbie has not and would only make the "Dresses like a very strange art student" list...

I will admit I have too many shoes...

No, I take that back...

Cause a girl can never have TOO MANY shoes...although my ex-husband will tell you I did. I sort of fear that when I have a new man in my life that he will take a look at the shoe store in my closet and the Sephora-worthy countertop in my bathroom and he will run for the hills...and if he takes me on a trip and sees that my shoes almost need their own suitcase I think I might get left at the curb.

Love me...love my shoes...

Any man that is going to love me will have to accept the fact that I am the kind of girl who brought 3 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes with me when I packed up my stuff to go stay at the Rock Star suite with GOTTESS for her birthday and the Katy Perry concert.

My shoes have their own special places in my closet.

For my shoes I wear everyday, or that I wear often...well, those shoes live on the shelf:

For my shoes that are 'special" or dressy or ones I don't wear often, I have boxes. Nice little plastic boxes. And yes, I am anal enough about it that I take a photo of the shoes and put it on the front of the box so I know what is in there...

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that this is not all of my shoes.

Yes, I am aware I could feed a small Third World country with what I have spent on shoes.

Or I could have had a nice pair of Christian Louboutin pumps...or Jimmy Choos...or Manolo Blahniks...

But for the price of one pair of those fancy gorgeous expensive shoes, I have about 10 pair of really fun shoes.

As much as I love Louboutins, I am really more of a Michael Kors, Guess, or Steve Madden girl.

Since I am playing "show and tell" with you (or is it "shoe and tell"?), here are a couple of more pair that I find to be fun...

This pair I actually bought before I had a thing to wear with them. I just had to have them. So I bought them and found things to wear with them...they are ridiculous I know but I do love me the color purple...

I've done that many times...fallen in love with a pair of shoes that has no place in my closet yet I must have them and so I bring them home and if I can't find anything but black to wear with them....I go buy an outfit.

I know that is backwards...but it is me...

Now this pair is a fun little pair of black suede sandals. But what makes them special is that they are my only pair of shoes that I did NOT buy at a shoe store or in the shoe department. I bought them off the shelf in the tbd department at Nordstrom. I went in to exchange a top and my favorite salesgirl Anndrea (her real name...use her!) took them off the shelf when I asked to see them (they were on display with some other stuff). I told her "if those are a size 8 they are mine".

They were.

They are mine.

I wear them all the time...and yes, Andrea has found me a lot of cute things that I can rock the shoes with...

yes, I am a lot like "Carrie" from "Sex and the City" with the shoes...
And a bit "Charlotte" in demeanor...
And yes, I have had a love affair with a cake like "Miranda"
And as for "Samantha'...not touching that one with a ten foot pole...

My mother had a shoe obsession that surpassed mine...her shoes were also displayed as mine are and she had sone really fabulous pumps and stilletos...

I buried her in her Manolo's...I know she would have wanted it that way.

I still remember my first pair of heels...I was so proud to finally be allowed to wear heels...I think they were 1/2 inch high...but they weren't flats!

Speaking of flats...not so many of those in my closet these days...

I never understood how women would say "I only wear heels...they are the only thing I am comfortable in" when I was fat.

I get it now.

I love heels...the higher the better.

HGAG is tall...I could wear heels with him...might need them to be able to climb into his big ass truck.

Guess I better add "tall enough for me to wear heels with" to the bucket list for the man who wins my heart...of course I am so short that he won't have to be all that tall for me to wear heels. Although next to HGAG I am positively doll-like. Never thought I would say THAT about myself.

Trainer Girl and I can wax poetic about our love for Michael Kors shoes...once we took Dimples fiancee (who I call "Hottie Girl") out to dinner (the incredibly hotness she is) and before we went to the restaurant we made a stop at DSW and all 3 of us bought a pair of Michael Kors shoes.

Dimples was not happy with us.

Too bad...

Cause we had a lot of fun that night and frankly didn't care what Dimples thought.

I asked AngelAmy if she remembers any shoe stories from our high school days. We reminisced that shoes in the late 70's and 80's were all pretty ugly.

She said a horrible word:

Bass Weejuns

She said once she wanted a pair of navy ones (because she saw them in "Seventeen" magazine) and she couldn't find them so her mom bought her some tan ones and dyed them navy.

My mother was not capable of dying shoes. I envied AngelAmy for her mother's ability to fix and do things.

Speaking of dyed shoes...

I have one word:


They were all ugly. It was not possible to find an attractive pair of dyeable shoes.

My very favorite shoes are not MY shoes at all...they are the little bronzed baby shoes that belonged to my children.

Yes, I am one of THOSE mothers who bronzed her child's first pair of Stride Rite shoes.

I proudly display them on my bedroom bookshelves.

My current "obsession" shoes are a pair of L.A.M.B. shoes I bought for less than 1/4 the retail price at Saks Off 5th. Trainer Girl totally approved when I showed them to her. I take them out for a spin whenever I can.

Once upon a time I was a fat girl and all I could wear was flats...and mostly crocs at that...so now I love love love to wear heels and fun pretty shoes. I love stilettos that show off my toned legs and calves.

And when I put on a really great pair I stand taller, walk with a little more sass and feel really great in them.

So yeah...shoes are a big deal to me.

Don't even get me started on my boots...

Inspiration Song: "These Boots are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra...oh yeah...Nancy had some sass too...

Bye Darlings....we all need sensible shoes, but every girl needs a pair of heels that say "look at me...I am fabulous"...va va voom...

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