Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start Me Up's 2012

I have a feeling it is going to be a very very good year!

So Happy New Year friends...let this year be the best you have ever had.

Did you get your party on last night or did you spend a quiet evening at hone with those you love?

Whatever you did, it doesn't really matter as long as you enjoyed yourself.

And I hope you are not nursing a raging hangover...

I am happy to say I am not...nursing a raging hangover...although I am tired.

I had a nice quiet big parties. GOTT and GOTTESS invited me to a party last night but I was feeling a bit tired so I thanked them for including me but decided to stay home. My brother came over and brought my "frothy" little niece and my adorable nephew and we had a little visit and the kids made me art to hang on my refrigerator...

It's been a long time since I had art from a child to hang on the fridge. Ke$ha Barbie makes art all the time but she no longer wants me to display it on the fridge so I am happy to have some new things to look at when I go to the fridge for my breakfast.

After they left I took Ke$ha Barbie and her friend to another friend's house for a party. The parents were home and locking the kids up so I felt it was a safe place for her to be and I was happy that I didn't have 10 seniors here to get their party on.

I will forever be grateful to that family for taking on the challenge of keeping them from doing something stupid like drinking and driving.

Not that I condone teenage drinking...but I"m also smart enough to know that they were going to drink some champagne.

Because I did the same thing when I was a senior in high school.

So after dropping her off I ran to meet D-Nice and her family at a restaurant to ring in the new year...but I missed midnight thanks to epic construction on the freeway and the fact that I had left the house looking like the dregs of hell and needed a quick fix-up.

Please don't ever tell any man I am involved with that I CAN actually change clothes, run some dry shampoo through my hair and fluff it up, and get on my makeup in under 10 minutes.

Thank goodness I had showered before my brother and kids came over...

So did you make your resolutions?

Or wish or pray for good things to happen this year?

You have seen my list...not anything unattainable.

Years ago I would tell myself:
"This is the year I am going to get in shape and lose weight...and I will start on January 1"

And then someone would invite us over and there would be queso and that would go out the window. So I would declare that I would start the next day but never did.

Today I stepped onto the scale to see where I am on January 1 and I am happy to say that I am over 40 pounds under where I was a year ago and I feel I am in darn good shape.

My weight is at a new low...can't remember the last time I saw today's number on the scale.

I have a few more pounds to lose before I can declare myself "happy" but I also know that I"m not going to tell myself that I need to reach a ridiculous number that will be hard to stay at. I'm going to let my body settle in at a good place and just plan to stay there.

This morning as I drove to pick up Ke$ha Barbie from her friend's house I was thinking about you my friends...and the ones of you who want to lose weight or get in shape and how today can really mark the start of your new life and new self.

So here is a little advice on how to get it started...

1) Don't tell yourself you are going to lose a certain amount of weight...that is too much pressure...instead tell yourself that you are going to lose SOME weight and you are going to do it the right way.

2) So what is the "right" way?

My answer to that is very simple: whatever works for YOU

For me it was just cutting out certain foods...eating clean...eating healthy...limiting my cards...having good lean protein in my diet...eating more fruits and vegetables.

For some of you the right way might be Weight Watchers...or Jenny Craig...or a medically supervised program.

Do what works for YOU...just because it worked for someone else doesn't mean it is the right plan for you.

So my suggestion is to look at what your lifestyle is and find a way to do it that works for how you live and work. For me, because I have the luxury of time to cook and shop it was making my own food and also going to Fit Foods for some of my meals.

Some people are motivated by working with a group...if that's the case, do weight watchers...especially if you are fastidious enough to count points and calories, etc.

I don't like to have to do that so for me it was easier just to know I was eating GOOD food and leaving it at that.

Find a plan that works for you...stick with it for a minimum of 3 weeks and if it is working go forward...if you need to switch it up, then switch it up. DO NOT give up just because you haven't lost 10 have to give it time.

Just remember...The Biggest Loser is a reality tv show and unless we have Bob and Jillian and "the ranch" we can't do that!

3) So if you want to take the easy way...or at least what I call the easy way...and just eat clean, here are some ways to do it:

cut out sugar
cut out bread
cut out pasta (unless gluten free or whole wheat and even then limit it to special times)
cut out corn products (and yes, that means corn tortillas and chips)
cut out alcohol (I didn't do it but it does help...I just know I needed wine)
if you do drink, make it red wine or something without a sugary mixer (no margaritas)
make veggies the largest portion on your plate and eat them first
drink more water
eat lean protein (salmon, turkey, chicken, lean pork or beef)
no fried foods
use butter as a seasoning, not a cooking oil
try coconut oil or use olive oil...and sparingly!
don't "bread" anything
eat a healthy breakfast that gets you started on your day...not a taquito or croissant
hummus and veggies are a good snack
nuts are a good snack...just don't eat too many
pass on dessert...or let someone else order it and take ONE bite

When you go to a restaurant, ask for whatever you order to be cooked in as little oil as possible, as for veggies instead of a potato or pasta side dish, and try and order fish or chicken. Most restaurants make HUGE portions so ask for a "to go" box to be brought when they bring your meal out and box it up or ask them to box up half and only serve you half on the won't miss it. Or split with someone. Shoo the bread basket away so you won't be temped. Tell them not to come near you with the dessert tray. Order a salad with the dressing on the side and eat it first.

4)You have to I have said before, it is simple math...less input/more output = a thinner healthier you.

Join a gym if you can and try out ALL the classes. I have found that I love spin class and Body Pump but as for yoga and pilates...notsomuch. But that is just me...I"m a "hardcore" girl. Not that yoga and pilates can't be hardcore...but for me I need some loud music and I have to be moving and pumping. I have several friends who swear by yoga and might be just your cup of tea! And try a class more than might be the time of day you don't like or maybe the instructor's style isn't to your liking...or some mix of both. And try different instructors...I gave a new gal a chance in spin yesterday and I really enjoyed the class.

And if you can't join a gym, turn your home into one. You don't have to buy expensive equipment, just get some inexpesnsive hand weights and maybe a body bar. You can also get some rubberbands...they are great for strength and stretching.

Log onto and you can get a lot of free exercise advice and a lot of suggested moves for your workout.

Schedule your workouts just like you schedule a meeting...that way you won't skip out on them. Or plan to meet a friend at a group exercise class so you won't fail to show up.

That's really all there is too it.

The first step is the hardest...making the commitment to do it. After my trip up the stairs where my teacher friend thought I was going to have a heart attack I decided then and there that I was ready...I was done being fat and unhealthy. And from that day on I ate clean and healthy.

Nowadays I allow myself to cheat quite a bit but I have a plan for it. If I know I am going to be confronted with a fattening meal or a party I eat clean and healthy all day leading up to it (or after if it is lunch) and if I know I am going to a cocktail party I always eat something healthy before so I can pass up the canape tray or limit myself to just one or two yummy little noshes.

I did the same thing with my exercise...I showed up at the club, climbed onto the elliptical and did an hour. And ever since I have done some sort of workout almost every single day. Except today...I took today off...the club was closed...

OK, so this blog has been really boring so I feel I must amuse you a little bit before I send this blog to "publish" I will tell you about my class I took last week.

Last Monday my usual Body Pump instructor was out of town and so she needed a sub. The guy who subbed SAID he was certified to teach Body Pump.

Note I said "said"

Because he didn't...or at least he wasn't teaching us Body Pump.

He started in on the warmup and suddenly I was transported back to 1988 and Body Rock Houston aerobics classes. All that was missing was the thong leotards and leg warmers.

He wanted us to do grapevines with small weights in our hands and dance about the room like we were escapees from Olivia Newton John's "Physical" video.

My friend Fitness Chick and her daughter were the only ones in the class with me. Fitness Chick kept asking the instructor if we were going to do Body Pump.

I finally gave up...I texted JayVee (since she is the group exercise director) and told her:
"Houston we have a problem" and then told her I was walking out. It was not her fault the guy was the worst instructor I have ever had...he said he was certified and answered the email for a sub.

Happy to say she has taken him off the Body Pump sub list...

She laughed and told me to go and so I did...

And left 1988 behind me with poor Fitness Chick and her daughter still grapevining away.

I don't grapevine...I much prefer a jazz square...

Inspiration Song: "Start me Up" by the Stones...the Rolling Stones that if you didn't know...

Bye Darlings---let's get this new year started...start tomorrow on your path to a new and better you!


  1. I can't wait to see your future blogs! Excellent advice and what a great way to end it.OMG I was still laffing on the Grapevining!!And yes I did the Olivia and the Jane in the days! The Good news is thanks to both ladies my buns are not sagging even at 55 (minus the leggings and thong leotard and headbands!!! *WINK*

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