Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog Days are Over

Yeah...I'm still not happy about the whole choir tryouts debacle from the other day.

The monkeys are still flying...they don't seem to want to come back to the castle.

I heard from my friend Marvelous Maggie that when her daughter told her that when she and another girl were witnessing my blow up at the Region director that they overheard me mutter the following as I passed them:

"This is NOT over!"

Then the girl turned to my friends daughter and said:

"and here come the flying monkeys---better duck!!!!!"

Well said child...well said...

There are still monkeys flying all over that gym and I hope they are haunting that woman still...

And Excellent Emma is still my hero...

When Marvelous Maggie asked GOTT about it he confirmed that there "were no bodies" but I'm not so sure about that.

Sunday was a high/low day...

JayVee taught an AMAZING spin class at noon...the club even provided a tv so we could watch the Texans game as we did spin. We were a rowdy bunch and it was a lot of fun to watch the game while listening to some good old rock and roll.

But alas, my poor Texans got bested by the Ravens...and so ends the season.

A moment of silence here for my Texans...

ok, I'm not THAT much of a football fan but it was fun rooting them on and having Houston so excited for the team. I enjoyed the first half of the game and the second half of the game at JayVee's house where her husband The Hunk (cause the man is pretty pretty pretty) proved once again why he has the title of "Grill Master". I pigged out on his ribs and chicken and...

chicken wings...

you know, there is really no excuse for chicken wings.

Ke$ha Barbie calls them "football food" and yes, that is what they are...and the only reason to eat them is if you are watching football.

The weather here was mild so The Hunk pulled the tv outside (as we have done before) and Trainer Girl joined us and we had a good time...other than the loss.

I stayed and watched most of the Green Bay/Giants game and headed home to enjoy an empty house occupied only by me and my cats. I got to watch my silly Sunday tv shows, took a shower and had a nice visit by phone with Jane.

But the BEST part of the day...the BEST part of the week happened in the middle of the day Sunday.


Ke$ha Barbie


Woo hoo!!!!!!

She got into the program in Boston...and since it is a toss up with Cooper Union as to what her favorite is, we are pretty darn happy about it.

I have been dancing non-stop.

I love Boston...

And I am very proud of her. She got an early answer from the admissions committee. I had a feeling while we were there that she was being courted...and how very nice it is to be so wanted by such an excellent program.

Ok, have to stop writing for a second and dance some more...

Dancing done...back to blogging...

Today I hauled myself out of bed early and had a little ride on the spin bike on my own. Visited with hot guy at gym who drives a big ass truck...damn the man is pretty and funny...I like men who make me laugh...and then climb into big ass trucks to head off to work...3 things on my bucket list (truck, funny, has a job).

Then I met Dimples for some punishment. I told him a male friend of mine (not hot guy at gym...just a friend) told me he did the leg press at 320 pounds.

Dimples decided I need to beat him.

I did 355.

10 presses.

Did it twice.

Hurt like the dickens...

My friend isn't gonna be happy about the fact that he got bested by a chick.

We did more punishment and he went light on me and only made me squat with 115 pounds today. And since I was doing Body Pump tonight I didn't press him to add more weight.

Now the real highlight of my day (other than my high of Ke$ha Barbie being accepted to the Tufts program at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston) was what followed when I got home after the Dimples workout.

So I'm on the phone with a friend and the doorbell rings.

Standing on my front porch is a man and woman. They introduce themselves as my neighbors a street over.

The inform me that my dog had run into the back yard and that the man had shut the gate to lock him in.

One problem with that:


So I tell them:

"Nooooo...that is NOT my dog. I have cats."

I look into my back yard and there is a very happy and excited yellow lab running about.


I don't have a dog...just 3 very lazy cats.

They start laughing and tell me that the dog has tags. We go into my back yard and corral the dog and look on the tag.

I try to call the numbers on the tag but there is no answer. However the vet office is listed and it is the vet office I take the kitties to so we decide the best course of action is to take the cat over to the vet.

I get the dog loaded into the suburban and he is excited to be going for a ride.

Until we get to the vet's office and he becomes a little unhappy and freaked out

I run in, tell them about the dog, and Robin (one of the gals that works there) hands me a leash.

I no get the dog to let me leash him up.

Every time I open the back hatch the dog runs to the front...every time I open the front the dog leaps to the back.

So Robin comes out to help.

I open the back hatch and...


the dog leaps out of the back of the suburban and begins to run down the street.

Robin says "I hope he doesn't head to the freeway"...

And of course the dog doesn't have the sense to stop at the 4 way stop so we were happy that there were no cars approaching. If I ever see that damn dog again I will teach him what a stop sign looks like...

And we took off running after the lab.

At that point I was very grateful that I was no longer a 300 pound woman.

I chase after him for about a quarter of a mile.

Remember, I don't run...but this time I was sprinting...

after a yellow lab

that was not mine

I have 3 kitties...

So a guy in a truck stops and tries to help us get him but by then the dog had run across the street.

Then he runs over to an apartment complex.

I'm still chasing him as is Robin.

I'm pissed...


I don't have a dog....

I have 3 very lazy cats...

So I lose the dog in the apartment complex but continue to look for him.

Another gal from the vet clinic comes and finds me...she is in her she continues to look.

Robin and I decide to go back to the office and try and find out who the damn dog belongs to.

I still had the numbers on my phone so I tell them the numbers and the gal looking it up starts to laugh and says:


The damn dog is named Cornbread...

yeah, it fits...

cause if I ever see him again I'm gonna crumble him up...

So the gal in the car comes back and has him and I leave the vet office having had my 3rd workout of the day.

And I still had Body Pump ahead of me.

I called Dimples on my way home and told him:

"I have a new's called CHASE A DAMN DOG!"

he laughed...

I came home, did some stuff around here and headed to the gym for workout #4...Body Pump.

Good class but now I am pooped.

So tonight at dinner I tell The Cutest Boy in the World and AngelAmy about my adventure with the neighbor's dog.

And I say:

"The damn dog is named Cornbread"

Well, TCBITW starts to laugh...he knows the dog...belongs to a friend of his that lives behind us.

I told him to text his friend and tell her that I hate Cornbread...

So please, dear Lord, if hot guy at the gym has a dog...please don't let it be a yellow lab that likes to run away from home.

Because even for a very hot guy who drives a big ass truck and makes me laugh I will not ever ever go running down Gaylord (or any street again) chasing a stupid dog again.

My knees hurt...and I'm tired...

And I hate Cornbread...

not really...he's just a silly dog...but I"m not sure I need to be the Good Dog Samaritan time I'm just opening the gate and getting him out...

Inspiration Song: "Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machine...cause MY dog days are over...Ke$ha Barbie got into college!

Bye Darlings...chasing dogs is a good workout but I don't recommend it...

I'm gonna go and dance helps to get the flying monkeys back into the castle...

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