Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hazy Shade of Winter

You know, I'm not a fan of winter...

I'm much more of a summer girl.

I like spring.

I tolerate fall

I hate winter.

There is a reason I live in Texas...I like the warmth.

101 degrees and 70% humidity does not bother me. I like the heat. I'd rather melt than freeze.

Right now it is not very cold outside but as I type this, literally as I type this, the weatherman popped up on the commercial break saying that it will be colder tomorrow.


Me no likey the cold.

The only thing I like cold is my drink...especially my dirty martinis.

Winter brings cold...and ugly cold rain...

No snow here in Houston. We only get it about once every 5 years.

And we celebrate it...

And shut down the schools.

We get one little icicle and the city goes on shutdown.

We've actually had some spring-like days recently...the monsoon of rain we had Monday notwithstanding. Today was quite nice outside. Hard to believe it is January and the weather was lovely. When I walked out of the gym this morning with a friend we were both surprised at how nice the day was turning out to be.

Last winter Dimples and I spent our workout time at the park. Some days it was glorious...others it was complete misery. One day he was sick with a cold and it was about 20 degrees outside but my faithful trainer showed up and put me through my paces.

There are days I wish he wouldn't do today...

Today we had "fun with weights" time. We decided to see what my limits an extent.

He got me warmed up and then he pulled the bench under the weight lifting bar and said I was gonna do chest press.


whatever...I do chest press in body pump for 4 minutes with 26 pounds (12 kilograms) I was a little intimidated when he said "just use the bar".

The bar weighs 45 pounds

No sweat...I probably couldn't do it for an entire Body Pump "track" (song...about 4 minutes) but I made my reps without a problem.

Next he added weight...65 pounds...



I did it. No sweat...10 reps and racked it.

Then he moved me up...I guess 75? Somehow we ended up at 95 pounds.

I did the reps...and gladly re-racked it.

For grins I asked him to let me try 115.


no can do

OK, so I am not as buff and strong as I think. And I"m not a man...

But Dimples being Dimples he says for me to think of it as a goal.

A little later we did the squats. Right now we stop at 135 pounds but he wants my goal to be to squat with my own weight on my back.

I want to get to 150 pounds before he decides we need to do that is about 10 pounds for me to lose. I better get there before he decides I need to squat 160.

That is great incentive to get those 10 pounds off...

And that will make me exactly half my size.

I might have to apply to People Magazine...joking...not gonna do that...

Anyway, despite the heavy weightlifting Dimples is making me do I am glad to be inside a gym and not out in the park when the weather is not up to my liking. And I'll keep doing what he makes me do because the size 8 jeans I slid on today felt pretty darn good...and I think I looked pretty darn cute in them. Some day hot guy at the gym will have to see me in something other than my Lucy pants and Lululemon workout tops...but since he seems to chat me up despite my looking like the workout queen and smelling vaguely like a goat I guess it is fine.

But I do sorta miss the outside stuff...but not enough to stand out in it in January. But come spring I might just have to get back outside and enjoy the sunshine.

And trust me, as much as I love summer I will be happy to be in the air conditioning in July.

So this boring little blog is brought to you by the letter "s"...for "Summer" and "Spring"...because I far prefer it to the season we are in now.

And oh more guy at the gym....drives a big ass truck...cause when he walked me to my car the other day he pointed out his truck...and I almost laughed...

I wonder if he drinks red wine and likes to hold hands...


Inspiration Song: "Hazy Shade of Winter"...2 versions...the classic slower version by Simon & Garfunkel...or the very fun 80's version recorded by The Bangles...I like the Bangles one better...a little more fun and great to spin to

Bye Darlings...If you like winter I'm happy for you....I'm waiting for spring...maybe by then hot guy at gym will be "hot friend"...I like his truck...

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