Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stupid Girl

Sometimes I can be such a stupid girl.

I haven't blogged in a few days...

we had a blizzard here in Houston, you know?

No...not really...we had, like I predicted "one icicle"...

ok, it was more than ONE icicle but the snow didn't happen...


I was looking forward to a little snow...but just a little.

It was about 27 degrees out on Thursday so Dimples and I planned an indoor workout. We did our best to keep me going but without the park to run around I became a slacker...but he kept trying.

My knee...well, that's the part that is giving me real problems.

I went to the doctor...the same doctor who did surgery TWICE on my right knee...torn meniscus both times.

This time it is my LEFT knee.

The doc's resident comes in and pokes around and prods and twists and bends and straightens my knee but doesn't say much. Then the doctor comes in.

He pokes and prods and twists and bends and straightens my knee and says...

"I think it is your meniscus"


"How did you do it?"


"You were running?"


"How much running?"

a couple of miles...on the street...

"well, that would do it."


"Really...but we won't know until you have an MRI."


Double Damn...

Stupid girl for thinking I could run...

The only high point to all of this bunch of fun at the doc's office was that his assistant (love her) and his scheduler (love her too) didn't recognize me. The scheduler told me that when she looked at the file and looked at me she thought they gave her the wrong file.

Ok, that felt good...really, it did...I seriously don't mind it when that this the reaction I get.

So now I am having an MRI on Thursday.


I called Dimples to whine and cry about it.

So I whined and cried about it.

He stayed positive.

I really really don't want the set-back that surgery will be.

So I had a pity party all the way home.

Stupid girl.

When I got home I was all excited to sit down and watch Oprah when I had the rug pulled out from under me and the pity party stopped.

God has a way of jerking you right back into reality when you start to care too much about your own junk.

There, on the newscast, was the news that a former student had died.

A former student that I really, make that loved.

He was a great kid. He went through a lot. I won't get into it here because I don't want to use his passing as entertainment.

Sufice it to say that all of us who knew him are heartbroken and as he is the son of someone of notoriety so the media jumped onto it.

Damn the media...

And that is all I have to say about that...except that my pity party ended there and then.

Thank you, God, for reminding this stupid girl that life has hills and then there are is a hill..losing a child is a mountain...Everest....

So we waited for the great snowstorm...that never happened.

We woke up

All the schools had cancelled classes so the kids had a snow day that wasn't a snow day.

I managed to get up to the club and gave myself a spin class that made my Dimples proud of me.

I sat on that darn bike for over an hour and a half...sweating out grief and frustration and riding while I could since I might get grounded after next week.

Stupid knee killed me later...

Last night I went to a party. Thankfully it was at Extravanessa's house across the street. I met up with GOTT and GOTTESS there (GOTTESS and I enjoy walking around parties together saying how we are both GOTT's wife.).

It was a great party...lots of fun...great to see some friends I haven't seen in a while.

And I will say that I enjoyed hearing the kudos on my weight loss...I'll be vain and admit that it felt good. Very good.

Very very good.

4 glasses of champagne, a crab cake, 2 tiny empenadas, and 2 cookies later I think it is safe to say that parties are NOT a safe place for me.

Stupid girl for not eating before the party...but Extravanessa always has great food so I didn't...

But a girl needs to let loose every once in a while and since all I had to do was walk across the street, I let loose...

And confessed to Dimples...

of course it didn't help that I was texting said confession while eating Ethiopian food with my kids.

Stupid I have a whole 2 days worth of sins to pay for.

So for now, this stupid girl is going to keep going...

And what will be will be...the MRI will let me know.

And I'll cross THAT bridge when I come to it. Because worrying about it won't change it...

And that is NOT being stupid...THAT is being smart.

Inspiration Song: "Stupid Girl" by Garbage. Because sometimes I can really be a stupid girl. Like when I go running at 5:45 in the morning on asphalt...THAT was stupid because that is how I did this to myself. I have a smart trainer...he just has a stupid client.

Bye Darlings...don't be stupid.

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