Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pop Music

I have over 2800 songs in my iTunes library...not all of them are on my iPhone (iPod), but most of them are.

I like music...

I have all kinds of music:
Rock (classic mostly)
alternative (mostly pop-alt)
movie soundtracks
a little country (but not much)
dance tracks
a few classical selections
some "old school" R&B (think Earth, Wind, & Fire)

I make a lot of playlists...I like to just start up the iPod and have a set of songs to listen to.

Ke$ha Barbie spends hours and hours making playlists and listening to music. She probably has 100 playlists.

Mine are not that extensive...

She gets her love of music from me. I got my love of music from both of my parents...but probably mostly from my father.

I started her music education early...including the whole episode I blogged about before when she thought a record album was a "big black cd".

Once she was singing a song...it was a Beyonce/Destiny's Child song...


so there she is in the backseat of my suburban singing "Bootylicious" and saying how much she loves Beyonce (I do too...) and I hear the sample in the song of Stevie Nick's "Edge of 17".

She (Ke$ha Barbie) says she loves that Beyonce song...especially the "music part".

She was referring to the sample of "Edge of 17".

I literally pulled over and stopped the car.

Dug out a cd...

shoved it into the cd player

and reminded her that as great as Beyonce was...

Stevie was first.

And she did it better.

And then a few years later the Dixie Chicks sang "Landslide". I had to give her a lesson again that...

Stevie was first.

And did it better.

Ke$ha Barbie and I don't agree on all of our music...but we probably have about 30-40% of our libraries in common.

I taught her classic rock...Frampton, Eagles, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac.

She taught me: Muse, Julian Casablancas, Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat World, Phoenix.

I played the Beatles for her. Took her (and The Cutest Boy in the World) to see "Beatles LOVE" at the Mirage in Las Vegas. She has almost all of Lennon/McCartney's songs on her iPod now...

We only disagree on who we like better...I'm on "Team Paul" and she is "John" all the way...

But we both agree that George Harrison was the cutest of them and the most soulful.

As to Ringo...

no real opinion there.

But he has some fun stuff too...

I always feel a little victory when I discover a song or band before her. Like today when I told her that I had already downloaded "Houdini" by Foster the People...she hadn't even heard it yet.


And I also feel a little victory when she says things like:
The Eagles really had great harmony
Steve Miller is awesome
Frampton was a guitar god

and she has enough sense to think that Justin Bieber is the lamest excuse for a pop star EVER and that the Jonas Brothers are a blemish on the music industry.

My blog
My Opinion

Of course I am a woman who shamelessly has Barry Manilow on her iPod and is happy about it.

And I have a helluva lot of disco too...not all of it "good" disco (I can hear you all saying "is there such a thing as GOOD disco?").

By "good" I mean: Bee Gees, KC & the Sunshine Band, and Donna Summer

and then you have the old school R&B stuff that was almost disco-like...Brothers Johnson (I challenge you NOT to dance when you hear "Stomp"), S.O.S. Band ("Take your Time, do it right), GAP Band, and some of the stuff that Earth, Wind and Fire did (September).

Ke$ha Barbie does not like ANY of that...but then again I hate Vampire Weekend and the Arctic Monkeys so I guess we are even.

I give music to JayVee, J'taime Jamie all the time...they indulge me and play my stuff during spin class. My latest obessions are with a mash-up of Teenage Dream (Katie Perry) and Get Outta My Way (Kylie) or the new Taio Cruz song (Higher). And JayVee always throws in some classic rock for us too...

I once said I would put some playlists on this blog...stuff to get you moving and grooving. I couldn't decide whether to go with a theme (like Disco or 80's) but settled on a good mix that hopefully most of you have on your iPod...I'll do some "theme" ones another day.

These are all good for cardio work...use the beat (rhythm)to set your pace. I won't use anything "scary" or too offbeat (so no Evanescence---although "Bring me to Life" is awesome to warm-up with---or anything too in to the alternative zone).

"Genie in a Bottle" Christina Aguilera
"Speed of Sound" Coldplay

Go fast:
"September" Earth Wind & Fire

Hard Climb (high tension)
"Where You Going Now?" Damn Yankees

Interval (fast and slow):
"I'm Still Standing" Elton John

Steady pace...but quick:
"Train in Vain" Clash
"Ready to Start" Arcade Fire

Climb again:
"4 Minutes" Madonna

"Raise your Glass" Pink

Steady but quick:
"Take it Off" or "We R who we R" Ke$ha\
"Viva la Vida" Coldplay

"Club Can't Handle Me" FloRida
"Thnks for the Mmrs" Fall Out Boy

"Waiting for You" or "Kiss from a Rose" Seal

"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry (try and find the Kylie mash-up)
"Panic Switch" Silversun Pickups
"Get Outta My Way" Kylie Minogue

"I just Want to Run" The Downtown Fiction

Cool Down:
"Drops of Jupiter" Train

So there are some ideas of some music for you to use whether you spin, walk, run, or do the elliptical or arc trainer.

I've got disco lists, pop-alt lists, classic rock, etc. so if you don't like what you see, send me a message and I'll find you something you like.

The main idea is to MOVE...and if you use a beat, you will move better.

Wouldn't you rather hear Train than the ladies on the View anyway? Turn off the tv and turn on your music and get moving...

Inspiration Song: "Pop Music" by M...Spinderella gave us a dose of it this morning and even though my glutes were screaming by the end of it, it was fun to spin to...

Bye Darlings...let the music play....

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