Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 years

So this is my 100th blog...big weeks for hundreds for me...

100 pounds lost
I am now in the 100's in weight
100 blogs

So here, my beloved readers, is another hundred...

100 hundred things you may or may not know about me:

1. My children are the best thing I have ever done.
2. Being a mom is the greatest gift God has given me.
3. I am a total sap...I cry at EVERYTHING
4. I hate to watch football unless my son is playing.
5. I hate everything about wrestling...
6. I love being an Aggie but I am not a fanatic about it.
7. I love to cook.
8. I hate to clean up after cooking.
9. I like to scrapbook.
10. I make a huge mess when I scrapbook.\
11. A hot bath is always a happy drug for me.
12. When I am at a hotel, I MUST take a bath at night.
13. Crave cupcakes are kryptonite to me.
14. I don't care if I ever eat Pizza Hut again..
15. I like beer. A lot.
16. I like wine. A lot a lot.
17. I like champagne. A lot.
18. I like vodka. A lot.
19. I like tequila. It does not like me. I dance on tables.
20. I have, in fact, danced on many tables.
21. I want GOTT to teach me how to dance...someday...
22. I would love for Maks from DTWS to teach me to dance!
23. I love Hawaii...all the islands, Kauai the most...
24. I'd rather go to Hawaii than Paris.
25. I'd love to go back to South Africa.
26. I miss my mother every day.
27. I miss my father almost as much.
28. I'd rather go to spin class than shop...shocking!
29. Glee is my favorite tv show.
30. Modern Family is my second favorite tv show.
31. I'm trying to learn to like salmon more...getting there
32. Top Chef is my favorite reality show
33. Toddlers and Tiaras is my guilty pleasure
34. The Real Housewives shows on Bravo are my other guilty pleasure.
35. I don't care if I ever eat a buffalo wing again...ever...
36. I could eat blueberries every day...and I try to.
37. I still hate running.
38. I majored in Agricultural Economics in college...weird...
39. I showed cattle while in high school...weird...
40. My advisor professor told me I was "the one recognizable female in the department" (I think that was good?)
42. I had a professor tell me to "not wear Giorio perfume to class because it was sexy and distracting"...hmmmmm...
43. I am a proud member of Pi Beta Phi
44. Friday Mountain Girls Camp was one of the greatest influcences on my life...really...
45. I can't ride a horse to save my life
46. I can't play tennis to save my life
47. I can't catch a ball to save my life
48. I can't throw a ball to save my life
49. I don't care that I can't do any of those things.
50. I cry during musicals...always...
51. "What I did for love" was the first song in a musical that made me sob. (A Chorus Line)
52. "The Lion King" is my favorite musical
53. "Wicked" is a very very close second
54. Of the "classics" I like Rogers & Hammersteins "Cinderella" the best...
55. I would like to get paid for doing the costumes at the school but I will keep doing it for free (and love)
56. Hearing a child, other than your own, say "I love you" and mean it is very very very special
57. The last 15 pounds have made more difference in my looks than the previous 85...weird...
58. I can run over a mile...and I am proud of that.
59. I sweat so much at spin I need a towel under the bike (ewwwwww...I know...)
60. I don't enjoy Pilates...but I try it anyway
61. I wish I was a teacher
62. I would only teach middle school
63. I happily call GOTT my other husband. I love him.
64. GOTT's wife calls me his other wife. I love her.
65. I enjoy fishing more than I thought I would
66. but I would rather just lay out on the boat...
67. My children's birthdays are the best days of my life.
68. Holding my chilren the first time took my breath away.
69. If I had to choose just one thing to drink it would be Diet Dr. Pepper.
70. or wine...but I would get nothing done.
71. I miss popcorn...especially at the movies...
72. I think the chase scene in "Raising Arizona" is the best chase scene ever...and one of the greatest movies ever...
73. I can say the names of all the presidents in chronological order.
74. "50 Nifty United States" helped me pass a few tests
75. So did "Schoolhouse Rock".
76. I think Paul Newman is the sexiest man...EVER...
77. If I could look like someone else, it would be Olivia Wilde.
78. I am a Griffindor, but I have a lot of Hufflepuff in me (GOTTson loves that about me...and knew it...)
79. I wish I drove a VW convertable Beetle instead of a suburban...but I like my suburban
80. Writing this list is harder than I thought it would be.
81. Losing 100 pounds was easier than I thought I would be.
82. I love learning about and teaching art history.
83. I'm lazy...really, I am!
84. Once I hit a size 20 I ceased caring about it.
85. Now that I am a 14 I want desperatly to be a 12...then a 10...and then an 8...
86. I'd rather workout with Dimples than any other way of working out...he pushes me more and I have more fun.
87. I could go to spin class every single day and love it.
88. My favorite ethnic cuisine is Ethiopian. Yummy!
89. I'd rather eat Thai food than Mexican.
90. I think my daughter's photography is AMAZING...
91. My best dish: Tres Leches cake
92. My second best dish: beef tenderloin
93. What I eat most now: salmon on a bed of greens and blueberries with fat free dressing.
94. I keep photos of my cats on my phone
95. I would like to meet Oprah...a lot...
96. I have over 1900 songs on my iPod...all genres...
97. I can't exercise without music...unless I am with Dimples.
98. I wish I could sing
99. I wish I read the Bible more and knew it better.
100. I am proud of my weight loss, my increase in fitness, and this blog.

So there is a silly list of 100 things about me...I could have gone "deeper" but this is about fun...

Today was my "triple threat" day...I went for an early run, did spin a few hours later, and then worked out with Dimples. The bad thing is that I seem to have done something to my left knee (the one not operated on)so now it really hurts. I ran for almost 2 miles and was so proud of that but the thrill was short-lived when I discovered that I might have hurt it. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and the pain will be gone or nearly gone. It made it a realy challenge for Dimples to keep my heart rate up today...

Thank you for coming on this journey with me...please help me stay on the course!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspiration Song: "100 years" by Five for Fighting...great song...

Bye Darlings...here's to seeing 150 before summer...

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