Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something to Die For

Does the title scare you a little?

Now what could I talk about that is something to die for (other than the great song I have named this blog for)...

Well, my darlings, if you have read this blog you know I have a few obsessions:

my trainer and his workouts
spin class with JayVee, Spinderella, and J'taime Jamie
red wine (and let's add Stolichnaya vodka to that...especially in a dirty martini)
working with GOTT and TTG
my children
my children
my children

and then there is another obsession...a love I have...a little crush...

Erik the vampire

oooooohhhhh he is one beautiful man (Alexander Skarsgard who plays him)...and he is one heck of a sexy all about him in my old blog last June called "Crush"...

you see, dearies, TRUE BLOOD came back on HBO favorite show other than "Glee".

Erik the that is something to die for (ok, not literally but definitely figuratively).

So I'm blogging and then I am pouring myself a nice glass of red wine (my "cup of blood" lol) and I"m gonna sit down and enjoy every second of what HBO dishes out to me with that show.

I might even watch it twice.

Trainer Girl is just as obsessed. In fact, that is how our friendship started...we were chatting on the sidelines of a football game (she was the trainer) and we started talking about good looking men and at the same time declared our love of Alexander Skarsgard.

Well, my friends, that is as bonding a moment as two chicks get...

the mutual love of one hot guy...and because I love her I share him with her.

She's out of town right now but starting next week we will have our "True Blood" nights and enjoy the show together so we can squeal with delight every time our beloved hits the screen.

And if ever there was a reason to squeal with delight it is Alexander Skarsgard...with as little clothing as possible...

So for right now, he is my "something to die for".

Some day there will be someone I can squeal over....but for right now I'll stick to letting it be a guy on tv.

Today a friend suggested I write a book...that is a dream of mine.

I told her maybe I would write the white chicks version of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"...but then that would mean I gotta find someone to get my groove back. In the movie version of that book it was Taye Diggs.

I could get my groove back for Taye Diggs...

or Alexander Skarsgard...

I had a great day today...I went to Galveston to hang out with my Aunt Jane (the best person in the world...go read the blog from last June called "Jane" if you need to know more) and her friend CAT (Cute And Tiny) and Wonder Woman was remember Wonder Woman---she kicked ovarian cancer in the ass so she gets to be Wonder Woman. And Wonder Woman's sister and her kids were there---Jane and I hung out with them in Chicago so it was so fun to see them again. We spent the afternoon in the pool and had a blast...and had a few cocktails. I stopped early enough with the vodka to make sure I could safely drive myself home. We had the most delicious shrimp and grilled corn on the cob...a perfect meal for a summer day.

Thursday I get to go and pick up The Cutest Boy in the World.

Now that is something to die for because I miss the heck out of him and his awesome smile and his deep little voice calling me "mom".

Yes my children are something to die for...

Inspiration Song: "Something to Die For" by the Sounds. Such a good song...some great lyrics...I've copied some below...

From "Something to Die For" by the Sounds:

When something's right, then something is worth to die for
When I feel that something is wrong, then something is worth to fight for

Don't say goodbye, just leave an open door
I wanna hear you say, you give me something to die for

Bye Darlings...we all have something to die for...figuratively...

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