Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Trouper

Wow...I have really not blogged in quite a while...guess I haven't had much to say...or complain about...or share...and I have been a bit busy...

So The Cutest Boy in the World (TCBITW) came back from camp.

I sent a boy to camp...

and I returned with a teenager!

He grew over 1/2 an inch and lost 7 pounds.

At his camp the parents are allowed on the camp grounds about an hour and half before they "release" the boys from the cabins. The call it "the charge from the cabins" because they play a bugle blowing and the boys all run out from their respective cabins into the arms of their most-anxious and very happy parents.

I see a tall blonds boy running towards me and it took a few seconds to realize it was TCBITW.

He looked so big and grown-up to me...I could hardly believe it was my son!

I was overjoyed to see him...and he had a marvelous time at camp.

I sat through the awards ceremony. I would say I suffered through it because I sat in the sun the whole time with smoke from the fire they light to burn brands into boards blowing at me (I would explain that but it is too long and boring to do so, so let's just say there is smoke...).

My son received some honors...he was a "rough rider" (one of the best 8 riders in camp...his grandfather up in heaven is still beaming I am sure) and he was a leader for his group.

It came time for the 2 big awards.

I"m sure he was one of the boys they considered but he was not chosen...2 other boys were.

I am sure he was a little disappointed so on the way to the car when it was all over I asked him:

"So, what do you think about the boys who won?"

His answer: "they totally deserved it...more than me...I'm happy for them and glad they got it".

And that, my dear readers, is why my son is awesome...

And why, in my book, he more than won those awards.

Because to realize that someone ELSE was more deserving than you are for something is a might big lesson...and he learned camp.

I learned a lot of lessons at camp the same way.

My sister won "Honor Camper" before I ever did...and there were a lot of awards I didn't I had to learn to lose with grace...and I did, thanks to my camp director Julie and the counselors and my friends.

Lessons learned...lessons learned...

I'm a bit tired tonight but I wanted to check in with you and let you know that all is well with me...I've just been busy with my children and my friends and my life...which isn't a bad thing.

Tomorrow I will try and write a "real blog"...I want to share some things about a friend I lost but lessons I learned from her...and then I will get back to the business of making you laugh and sharing my stupid and silly self with you all...

Inspiration song: "Super Trouper" by ABBA...because my son is a trouper...and he is super...

Bye Darlings...when you aren't looking, your children are growing up on you...

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