Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm So Excited

OK...confession...I'm writing this blog on a teensy bit of vodka...'cause I am celebrating.

Dimples is gonna be...pissed...

cause I did it last night too...oh well...

so please forgive typos, grammar errors, and general craziness...

You see...

I have a reason to celebrate!

I am going to the Oprah Winfrey Show!!!!!

Now before you all start screaming with joy for me you need to know:

So no, I don't get to talk to Oprah..

And no, I don't get the Vera Wang gown...

And no, I don't get special shoes or a makeover...

although I didn't really want the makeover and had a male friend tell me yesterday: "don't let them cut your is your greatest is beautiful"... sweet...

(I got a haircut today...kept my some sexy friend says it looked good)

I was a little sad and disappointed...thought about not going...but then Dimples pointed out to me that it WAS the Oprah show...and it was a chance of a lifetime...and I should be very flattered that they invited me to the show.

He is right!

He usually is...darn it...

So I am going to Chicago!!!!!!!

And I am taking my aunt Jane...the best person in the world...with me.

We are going to have a mini-vaca of it and we are going to live my mother's dream and see the Oprah Winfrey show.

Now some of you will find this an eensy teensy bit disappointing, but after I got over my disappointment I really got excited. I mean, it IS OPRAH...





Her name is like magic...

And I am going to get to sit in her audience...surrounded by other people who have done what I have done...we have all lost incredible amounts of weight...

I have decided to wear my mother's Gucci dress. It fits is is sexy but will look good on camera.

I'm going to wear fierce red heels.

I'm going to wear her jewelry.

My mother WILL be at that show.

They suggest bright colors but I don't have a bright colored dress that belonged to my mother that is right for the show. So I will wear the black knit Gucci.

Yes, I said "knit"...

it fits like a glove...

and I look damn good in it.

After the show, Dimples be damned...I'm going to eat some Chicago pizza. The taping is in the morning so I will have a pig out lunch and eat some pizza and not feel guilty.

Because I have earned it...

and I can pay for it later...Dimples will make sure of it.

He's really excited for me. He really wanted to go but his schedule won't allow it...not sure his girlfriend would be all that excited about it either.

And Jane is the perfect person to do this with me...she's been right beside me all along and she knows how much this would mean to my mother (her sister).

My other exciting little visit to the plastic surgeon...

So I went and saw a doctor. I really liked him.

So I showed him the "before" photos...he was shocked....

And then he looked at me and...and this is great news...he said I DID NOT need a full body lift!!!!

Only a tummy tuck and breast work.

You see, most people who have lost the amount of weight I have, and have done it more than once like I have, and are my age...well, the skin sags all around your middle...front and back.

But Dimples has carved it off me so skillfully that I only need the tummy tuck. My sides and back are just fine thankyouverymuch!!!!!

He suggests:
tummy tuck
breast lift
breast augmentation
a tiny bit of liposuction on my inner and outer thighs and a nip at the waist....

The surgery itself scares me a bit...the recovery scares me a lot.

I'm interviewing a few more surgeons...and I think I will wait until fall to do it so that I'm not wearing a compression garment during the summer.

But it will be my reward to finish myself off in a good way. And since I am going to be single, I want to feel good about myself before I take that next step and enter into a relationship with someone.

I told a friend that the surgeon said he could make me "smokin' hot"...

My friend said "you already are"... sweet...

that was just like when GOTT told me I WAS beautiful when I said I wanted to lose weight to be beautiful.

I am lucky to have friends who are so sweet and supportive.

So there you have it...two things to be excited about...OPRAH and good news from the surgeon (because a full body lift would have just been hell...just hell).

Inspiration Song: "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters...remember that song? Flashback to the 80's...

Bye Darlings....get excited...not just for me but for something that excites you today!!!!!!


  1. Anice,
    You deserve every bit of fantastic, wonderful, amazing happiness that comes your way!
    Your inside is now shining through your outside!
    You are gorgeous and beautiful on the inside and out!
    All my love and more,
    Amy King

  2. Anice,

    This is amazing. I am so very proud of you. I hope that I can follow in your footsteps! Your life seems to be falling in place because you set goals and went for them. It is a good example for everyone. Would love to see you and catch up. YOu are my new role model!

    Liz Buckley

  3. I'm with everybody deserve to be in the audience to see Oprah, and I, for one, will be watching for you!!!!! As Billy Crystal would say as Fernando Llamas, "You look MARVELOUS!" marvlous.wav