Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Want to Hold Your Hand

So let's put the "divorce talk" away for a bit.

But wait...

Before I do, I want to reassure you all that I am fine...no, make that GOOD and I'm happy and I find that I am doing better than I ever expected to.

OK...so let's get back to blogging about other stuff, shall we?

As I blog, I am watching "The Biggest Loser" while skipping back and forth to watch a re-run of Glee.

Today both shows are impacting me...even though I have seen the Glee one before.

The Glee show dealt with religion...do you or do you not have faith?

I"ve often said:

"My blog. My opinion."

And yes, sometimes I get pretty controversial here...gay rights, questioning God, etc.

But today I will not ask if you have faith in God or believe in Him.

(for the record...I do...and I do...)

But what I do want to ask you is...

Do you have faith IN YOURSELF?

I do...but sometimes I don't.

I DO have faith that:
I can keep losing and stay healthy
I have done the right thing by getting divorced
I will survive this divorce
I am a great mom raising great kids...and I can do it without a husband at home

Where I am a little shaky:
Taking care of the house by myself
meeting someone new to have in my life...will I meet someone? Will I be ready?
how my battered and embattled body looks (saw a plastic surgeon today)
getting through this divorce without causing major stress to my kids
Oprah...not in her...great faith in her...but do I stand a chance with the show?

Now where does the Biggest Loser tie into this?

Well, aside from the obvious...they are losing weight...what inspires me is how supportive they are of each other.

It is the faith they have in each other...and the faith they find in themselves on the show (Biggest Loser).

So putting it together...we need to have faith in ourselves...but sometimes we also need others to have faith in us.

When I grabbed that Vera Wang out of my mother's closet years ago I did NOT have faith that I would wear it...but Jane (my aunt---the best person in the world) did. She had faith in me.

And when I decided 14 months ago that I would wear that little size 8 dress even though I was a size 24/26...well, that is where I found that my faith carried me through...because it was pretty gutsy (and stupid) to think I was going to fit into that dress...but I did.

So here is where I am going to offer to hold your hand.

I've had several friends email or message me about how to do this...or how to get started...or how to stick with it.

Well, let me hold your hand...

Call me...text me...message me...email me...come and find me...

And I will hold your hand...and I will give you my faith in you...

But first, you must find the faith in yourself...

But if it is shaky...hold my hand...and I will hold yours...

Inspiration Song: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles...or the lovely Glee version...

Bye Darlings...I want to hold your hand...and please hold mine...

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