Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working for the Weekend

I love Sundays...especially when I can be lazy.

Today was one of those lazy sort of Sundays...I slept late, skipped my early bike ride, got some work done on the computer (emails, team mom stuff) and then headed to the club for my favorite class of the week (taught by my girl JayVee)----Express Spin and Body Pump.

I love that class...I love having a mid-day Sunday class to look forward to and blast the calories away...and then JayVee and I get to sit and have our Sunday visit and solve the worlds problems.

What would I do without her?

Then I headed to the grocery store, came home, worked on some art history stuff (I teach this Friday---hard lesson: Lautrec, Klimt, Munch)and then actually READ A MAGAZINE after getting the chicken roasting in the oven.

Pretty boring day....

I love it...

because I crave boring Sundays like this.

The Sundays of my childhood were similar...maybe that's why I like Sundays...but for some reason I hated them as a child. They seemed boring...and they meant that school was the next day.

Now Saturdays, well, when you are a kid there is nothing better than Saturdays.

First of all, you had cartoons...

I mean, REAL cartoons...not what passes for cartoons these days.

Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny
Scooby Doo
Super Friends
Josie and the Pussy Cats
Jackson 5 (remember they had that? Osmonds too)
Fat Albert (Hey Hey's Fat Albert...)

and then there were all those weird Sid and Marty Kroft shows...with all the big puppets:
Banana Splits
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
H R Puffenstuff (although that came on on Sundays where I lived)
Land of the Lost (Sleestaks!)

And then there were all of the "live" super hero shows...they were my favorites:
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Isis (Oh Mighty Isis!)
Rick Springfield (I had to look this one up...Mission Magic? all I know is that HE was in it)

So you would watch your shows and then head outside and spend the day playing. If it was summer, well then I lived in the pool. I would stay in the pool until my toes bled.

Then night meant more tv...and I still believe it was the best night in television ever:
Mary Tyler Moore Show (best episode: Chuckles Bites the up: the last show)
Bob Newhart Show
and then...
drumroll please...
the best show ever (except for I Love Lucy):

OMG---do you remember her in the curtains as Scarlett? Or when she would do the Queen? Or Eunice (best skit ever: the one where Tim Conway did the elephant and they all lost it). Or any time Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would do a sketch together. I lived for that show...and to this day if I see it...I pee a little cause I laugh so hard...I dare you not to...


when I was little we always had to go for a ride on the ranch...I found out later it was my mother's way to sleep in and get rid of us for a few hours and make Daddy deal with us...she was a genius.

I hated those car rides but I loved when we came back into town and went to C&N drive in for lunch and had steak fingers...and sugar in a paper tube.

Now if it was winter we had dinner at King's Inn.

And if you have never eaten at King's Inn...well, I just feel sorry for you...

But if it was summer....well, I blogged about that one mom and her friends by the pool tanning themselves while they wore their curlers (and smoked and drank), my dad and friends playing shuffleboard and Peyton cooking burgers and hot dogs.

Best. Days. Ever.

I'm sorry that I didn't start that tradition when my kids were younger.

So I have decided that this summer, since I actually have a body that I will put a bathing suit on in front of people (but not a bikini...we have been over that...but maybe after the "mommy lift")I think I will actually have some Sunday pool parties...come on over if you are in town...

my only rule: don't splash me.

and bring beer...

I can't wait...

Inspiration Song: "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy...I really hate the song but it works...

Bye for the's just 5 days away...

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