Monday, October 4, 2010

Bang Pop

Ahhhh,Victor Costa...

you were my hero!

How could I have gotten through a formal without you?

Taffetta dresses...princess length..."crumbcatcher" on the strapless bodice...big bow in the back...

Or maybe the style with the ruffled sweetheart neckline?

Had one of those too...

I had a really cute sapphire blue one that I was particularly fond of...double crumbcatcher at the bodice, "cumberbund" style sash at the waist...made a beautiful huge bow on the back of me...princess style with large ruffle on the bottom...plenty of netting petticoat to keep it full...

I wore it to a formal.

A formal where the band played "Shout" and we all went shimmying down to the floor on the "a little bit softer now" part. And then we shimmied our way up on the "a little bit louder now part". It was all good until...


Some idiot had stepped on the bottom of my dress.

Ripped it clean in half.

It went from Princess Diana to Cindy Lauper in one rip.

So there I stood with my ripped dress...ripped just over the knee area horizontally...petticoat showing. In tears...

My date, who I have forgotten but I have my suspicions as to who it may have been, knelt on the floor and proceeded to rip the bottom completely off the dress...he did the same with the petticoat.

Actually, it looked pretty cute when he was done...I ripped a section off of the torn part and made a hair bow...Cindy Lauper all the way...

My mother was furious when I got home with the dress. But she got it properly hemmed and I think I wore it as a costume. To be Cindy Lauper...

Every once in a while I look on eBay for the vintage Victor dresses...I try to use them in the shows at school when I can...I have a few in our costume collection...the girls think they are hilarious. They are 14 years old so anything poofy and full of tafetta makes them laugh.

I used a bunch of Gunne Sax dresses last year for our fall show. Remember those? They were the height of fashion during the "Little House on the Prarie" phase. I had several. Some looked more Laura Ingalls than others. One was white, off the shoulder with a large ruffle, with large purple flowers---I loved loved loved that dress.

Why all of the fashion reminiscing?

Because this past weekend, Ke$ha Barbie went to her Junior Cotillion. And she wore quite a dress...what little of it there was.

Cotillion is basically a prom type dance where the girls invite the boys and pay for it all. The girls at Ke$ha Barbie's high school have their Cotillion with girls at 2 other high schools in the area. The goal is to have the cutest date and the best dress.

Ke$ha Barbie had an amazing dress...and of course some other girl showed up in it. But Ke$ha Barbie's friends all assured her that she totally won the battle of the dresses with her looks and styling.

The dress was a "bandage" dress. Not a Herve Leger (good grief, I won't buy expensive shoes so there was no way I am buying couture!), but a BCBG knock-off of a Leger.

The bandage dress looks just as being wrapped in bandages...she looked like a mummy.

A gold and black mummy...with only her torso wrapped.

It's like a Spanx dress. That tight.

It was short. She had it altered without me. Not going to happen again. I think it was too short, especially with her mile-high stilletos. That was not good.

Her father was out of town. He didn't see the dress live and in person. That was good.

But she looked incredible. Amazing. Gorgeous.

My mother would have told me to be quiet and just admire her.

Heck, if I could wear the dress I would so why not let my 17 year old knock the socks off of everyone because she can. She's only young once.

And at least with a dress like a bandage some stupid boy can't step on it and rip it when she is shimmying down on a song.

And maybe, when I get all of this weight off, I will buy myself one of those bandage dresses...after all, they are like a dress made of Spanx...that could work...especially if I put some Spanx underneath...and don't breathe...

Inspiration Song: this is a really fun one..."Bang Pop" by Free Energy...I love love love's my new favorite song...getting a lot of play on my iPod...

bye darlings!

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