Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moth's Wings

The Cutest Boy in the World (TCBITW) came back from his friend's ranch last night...they called it "Camp for Wayward Boys"...2 men took 8 boys (12, 13, and 14 years old) to the ranch in Colorado and put them to work...they unloaded hay, sprayed weeds, learned to use heavy farm equipment...but they also fly-fished, kayaked, attended a rodeo (where they were unsuccessful in the calf scramble) and had fun on an alpine slide (a luge---but in the summer with no snow, you ride a sled-thing).

And then they pulled a rather nasty joke on them and staged a very elaborate prank wherein they convinced 7 of the boys that the host boy had been attacked by a bear. They even used fake blood. The boy screamed in a convincing manner. The dad even managed to rustle up some tears to convince the duped children that his son had been carried off by the bear. And then they let them in on the joke. I think it was pretty funny and amazed that they pulled it off. Photos of the boys an hour later show that they weren't amused...or forgiving...

But despite the fake bear attack, they had a marvelous time.

I think we need "Camp for overworked Mommies"...that would involve luxurious massages and a lot of wine...but hey, a girl can dream...

TCBITW insists that despite the fake bear attack, he had as good a time as he did at camp. That is high praise, my friends, as he thinks that Camp LaJunta is heaven on earth. He didn't even mind working...says it was good for him and his friends.

Tomorow football pre-season begins. It's not going to be all that hot in Houston from 5-8 in the evening, right?

I'm not sure there will be enough Gatorade to re-hydrate my son after that. Practicing in full pads...

I know that this barbaric practice has gone on since the beginning of football times, but my kid is only 12...but he loves it and is soooooo excited for it to start.

Now as for SCHOOL starting...well, that is another can of worms...

I will readily admit, when I found out I was having a boy, I was crushed. I didn't want a boy. I like girl things. I like pink. I like ruffles. I like bows. I like perfume and makeup and fashion. I don't like sports. I don't like smelly boys. I had 2 brothers..I know boys. But there, on the ultrasound, was an unmistakable appendage that marked my unborn child as a boy. And I had to accept it.

Now, as I am on the other side of smocked dresses and socks with ruffles, I am so grateful to God for giving me a son and not another girl. I was not cut out to handle more than one female. God knew I needed a little boy in my life and that one girl was more than enough for me to handle.

So I learned to accept the sounds that boys make (helicopter noises, fart noises, armpit noises) and that they need to comment on their bodily functions. And that they smell.

And I have learned to enjoy WATCHING my son play sports. I still do not enjoy watching sports on television, but put me in the stands of a child's game and I am a fan.

God also knew what he was doing when he gave me the sweet soul that is TCBITW. He gifted me with a child that is sweet, sensitive, funny, and charming. He is perfect for me...the perfect little boy for me...

TCBITW is a funny little guy. He has a great sense of humor. He makes great observations...

Once, while fishing, he caught a skipjack. Skipjacks put up a fun fight and flip about as you are reeling them in. They are not good eating. TCBITW was about 6 when he caught one and asked "Daddy, can you eat a skipjack?". Daddy told him "no".

TCBITW says "too bad...then you would have dinner AND a show when you catch one..."

When TCBITW was in Pre-kindergarten (and his sister was in the 2nd grade) we were fortunate enough to get to spend a month in South Africa. My brother and his beautiful wife (my adored Sister-in-law, who I will refer to as SIL in today's blog...she deserves a better name and I must come up with one....maybe "She Who Has the Patience of a Saint for putting up with our family"? I will stick to SIL for now) lived there. SIL's father works in South Africa, but they are from Texas (my brother was no dummy---he didn't just find a pretty girl, he found a beautiful TEXAS girl). So SIL, my brother and her father have a ranch a few hours outside of Johannesburg and it is truly heaven on earth.

So we go to South Africa and have an amazing time. I have great stories, but that is for another blog...but I will share one with you today...

We were in South Africa (SA) for the Christmas holidays. We stayed at the ranch for a couple of weeks with plans to head to the coast after Christmas. The set-up at the ranch is wonderful...a main house with an attached dining room that has one wall of folding glass doors that you can open up to basically remove a wall from the room. All under a thatched roof. A "boma" that is a party room/bar/pool house to enjoy cocktails and games in. Guest chalets that are 5-star accomodations.

We LOVED our meals in the dining room. They had a chef who made the most amazing food. I lived in the kitchen and watched him work and the dear man shared his wonderful recipes with me. Dinner was always spectacular.

One night, as we were eating, moths began to gather in the dining room. There were always a few flying bugs but it was never a real problem. And the moths weren't bothering anyone.

It was summer.

Summer = bugs

no big deal...

now if these had been cockroaches, it would have been a different story.

I don't know why the moths flew in but there were a lot of them...way more than usual and just a lot. They were all gathering on the ceiling.

SIL and I decided that maybe since there was no moon, they were attracted to the lights in the dining room. After dinner we turned off the lights and got out a big flashlight. Some/most of the moths flew out. We didn't worry about the others.

A day or two later we traveled to Johannesburg and were staying at a hotel. We were out enjoying the pool. I could see my son talking animatedly to my mother and my SIL. They looked bemused. And then they looked like they were about to bust out laughing.

My mother walks over to me with tears streaming down her face...she is literally laughing so hard she is crying. She then tells me what my son was saying. Here is a rough transcript.

Oh, and you need to know that he called her "Nona"...so Nona is my mother...and TCBITW was 4 years 9 months old...

TCBITW: Nona, I am a little worried about the mops.

Nona: what mops?

TCBITW: the mops in the dining room!

Nona: what mops in the dining room?

TCBITW: the mops in the dining room! I'm afraid they will make cahoons!!!

Nona: cahoons?

TCBITW: yes, cahoons! Mops make cahoons!

Nona: mops make cahoons?

TCBITW: yes, Nona, mops will make cahoons if you leave them in the dining room for too long! We should have gotten all the mops out before they make cahoons

Nona: so the mops in the dining room are going to make cahoons?

TCBITW: yes, Nona! Mops and bufflies make cahoons! That is how they become mops and bufflies. They make CAHOONS! When we go back to the ranch there will be cahoons all over the place in the dining room!!!!! Mommy and Auntie W (SIL) tried to get them out with the flashlight but it didn't work!!!! Now we will have mops and cahoons everywhere!!!!


TCBITW: yes, Nona, mops and bufflies make cahoons!

At that point he became exasperated with her and SIL and left them.

I cannot look at a moth without thinking about that story.

And no, we did not have cahoons, er, cacoons all over the dining room. And no mops either...

Inspiration Song: "Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit. Every time I hear that song I think of the mops and cahoons and our lovely dinners in the dining room under the thatched roof and how blessed we were to spend time in such an amazing place.

I'm going to have dinner with TCBITW and let him tell me some more camp for wayward boys stories...there might be another blog in there...

bye darlings...

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