Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I like the color pink...

No make that LOVE the color pink...almost any shade of pink too...

I love very girly shades of pink: bubblegum pink...cotton candy pink...princess pink...rose

I love soft shades of pink: baby pink...ballet slipper pink...nude pink...babyskin pink..."Mary Kay" pink...

I love bright pink shades: hot pink...neon pink...fuchsia...magenta...shocking pink...ultra pink...

And I love variations on pink: coral pink...lavender pink...salmon...

I love all shades of pink...I am drawn to pink.

But it is not my favorite color...purple is...but pink comes very very close.

I like pink in combination with other colors...pink with black...soft pink with brown...cotton candy pink with turquoise...hot pink and bright turquoise...pink on pink...pink and white stripes...

I wear a lot of pink.  And right now my handbag of choice is a bright shocking pink leather satchel that Ke$ha Barbie pronounced "ridiculous" but what does she know...

I have a lot of pink lingerie...I feel pretty when I wear it or sleep in it...I'm a sucker for a pretty pink bra or chemise.  Bought a new pink and black bra just today...why?  because it was pretty...and pink...(and yes I am fully aware that is a movie title...God but I did love John Hughes movies and I did love that one!)

I love pink blush, eyeshadow and especially lipstick...I must have at least 25 shades of pink lipstick.

I love pink nails...right now I am sporting Chanel's "May" color and will probably rock it all summer because I love seeing it on my nails and toes.

I like pink wine...I like Rose...but only the real deal...no "white zinfandel" for me...real rose...

I love pink champagne...the color...the bubbles...it just seems more festive.

I enjoy drinking a cosmo...cause it's pink...and it tastes good...and it has vodka in it...same goes for a pomegranate martini...or a strawberry or pomegranate mojito (which I am fully aware has rum but I like rum too...just not as much as vodka...)

I like pink food...I love shrimp...I love salmon...I love HEB "Love" dip (oh boy do I love that dip).  I prefer deep red steak but I will eat it if it is "pink" (medium rare...but I prefer rare).  I love strawberry cupcakes and strawberry mousse for dessert.

I'm drawn to the color pink in artwork...Rothko used it and I love his paintings that have any shade of pink featured in them.  And Christo and Jeanne-Claude did an installation artwork that surrounded islands in Biscayne Bay with pink fabric that is my all-time favorite of their crazy brand of art.

I have always secretly longed for a pink Cadillac...convertible...

I like the singer Pink...she's cool...

I'm a big supporter of breast cancer awareness and any pink ribbon project...I'll buy things just because there is a pink ribbon on it.

I really want a pink Kitchenaid mixer...I have a white one but I really want a pink one.

I buy rubber scrapers that are pink...cause I love to stir with them when I cook.

I have a pink cover for my iPad...it makes me happy to look at it...both the cover and the iPad.

I have a bright fuchsia pink Victoria's Secret t-shirt with ruched sides that for some strange reason I get a lot of compliments on.  In fact, I threw it on today and despite the fact that I was wearing yoga pants and a t-shrit I felt pretty.  I once had it on when I was introduced to a really good looking man and as we exchanged pleasantries I was wishing I had something else on but later he told me "between that pink t shirt and the way you smelled and all that blonde hair,  I'm not sure I remember much else about what was said when we met but you sure looked pretty and smelled fantastic"...very nice...thankyouverymuch...not sure if it was really the t-shrit or the Angel perfume but I quit regretting the shirt.  You never know what will turn a man's head...even a hot pink t-shirt.

I have some new hair products that I like...at first I was attracted by the pink colored containers but they really work.  I have thin, flat, fine hair.  This stuff makes me look almost like a rock star.  In fact it's called "Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair"...there is a shampoo (the bomb!), a volumizing hair spray ("Spray it Hard"), Root Volumizer  ("Size Matters"), and this amazing hair powder that somehow makes your hair...bigger...fuller...it's called "Bombshell".  You put a little in your palm, get it onto your fingers and then scrunch it into your hair and roots and voila!  Big volume.  You can get it on Amazon. Here is a link to the hair powder:

You can find the other stuff from that Amazon page...trust me on this one...and it all smells good...and it is in the cutest hot pink containers with sequined hearts on it.

My other "must have" beauty product line is...Mary Kay.


Mary Kay...

I hear the gasps out there...especially those of you who know I have a Sephora store on my countertop.

But this is NOT your mother's Mary Kay...

If you haven't bought a Mary Kay product recently...well, then...you don't know Mary Kay.

A few month's ago JayVee's daughter, KuteKassidy, starting selling Mary Kay as a way to earn money to pay for her tuition to dental hygenist school (she will be amazing...and beat out something like 250 other candidates to be accepted).

I went to the party she had and gave the products a try as Kass demonstrated them for us.  I knew about Satin Hands because my Aunt Jane (the best person in the world) gave it to me and it is my favorite way to make my hands feel good.  But the rest of the product line was unfamiliar.

Kass started showing us other things...and I knew I found a new favorite beauty line.

I can't live without my Satin Lips.

And my skin would literally dry up without the TimeWise line of products.

My skin literally drinks in the TimeWise Night Restore cream...and it doesn't leave me greasy or break me out.  The eye cream is the BOMB.

And the TimeWise body care line...well, I wish they sold it in gallon size because I am going to be going through bottle after bottle of both the Visibly Fit body lotion and the toning lotion.  They sink right in, hydrate amazingly, and smell fantastic.  My skin never felt better...and I have been laying in the sun so I should be dried up like a prune but I'm not.

Some man would be very very lucky to feel how soft I am...there isn't one (a man)...but someone WOULD be lucky.  In the meantime I love how good my skin feels.

So I'll make a little deal with you...here's Kass' website.  If you order anything from the TimeWise line FROM HER and you don't love what you ordered, I'll buy it from you!  One disclaimer...you must try it for at least a week!  I say from the TimeWise line because that is what I use the most so I can totally back it up.

Feel free to order other products from her as well...ALL of it is great...ALL of it.  It is NOT an old lady line...in fact they have some great stuff for teens as well.  And don't forget to get some Satin Lips and Satin Hands...and then say "ahhhh...".

And feel good that you are helping her pay for her education...and one day maybe a pink Cadillac of her own...she can give me a ride!  And she is the SWEETEST  person ever...she will be so happy to help you...and if you need to ask her questions or want to get in touch with her because you want to know more (or book a party or makeover), call or email me.  I won't give her number here but I will give you her website.

Here is the link to her website:

So...you can have rock star hair and fabulous skin...and be in the pink...just like me!

Inspiration Song: "Pink" by Aerosmith...cause it's Aerosmith...and I like Pink!

Bye Darlings...well, just tickle me pink...

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